Vedat Isikhan was born in Mardin at 1966. He finished primary, and high school in İzmir. He got degree in Bachelor of Science (1990), in University of Hacettepe School of Social Work, and Master Degree in Social Work (1993) with thesis about “Job Satisfaction of Social Workers”, (University of Hacettepe Institutue of Social Sciences) Ph.D in Social Work (1998) with thesis about “The Sources of Job Stressors of Managers which employed under Social Work and Health Institutions” (University of Hacettepe Institutue of Social Sciences). He became associate professor in 1999 and in 2009 professor. Currently, he has been working for same University. The most interested areas of Isikhan as follows: cancer, tüberculosis, rights of patient, social support, health care personel, job stress, job satisfaction, burnout, quality, working life quality, working life, families of children with mentally retarded, homelessness, social problems and social policy.

Professor Isikhan has 10 books in his subjects; Homeless People Living in the Shadow of Cities; Management Stress; Stress in working life and ways of coping; Problems of Mothers of Mentally Handicapped Children in Turkey; General Features of Tuberculosis Patients; Depression in Mothers and Babies with a Disability Child; Oncology Burnout and Coping Strategies; Social Work and Coping with Burnout; Social Work and Burnout and From Burnout to Happiness, Stress Management (in press).

He made referees in selected journal such as Journal of Psychosomatic Research and Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, (SBP). Some of Professor Isikhan’s articles appeared scope Social Science Citation Index and Expanded (SSCI-SSCE) in such journals as Cancer Nursing, Oncology Nursing Forum, The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, HealthMed, European Journal of Oncology Nursing Society and Social Work in Public Health.

Professor Isikhan, lectured at Erasmus Program Homelessness and Social Work at the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg – Department of Special Education – Social Care Work, Belgium, on 3-7 May 2010, within the scope of the Staff Teaching Mobility Center for EU Education and Youth Programs. During this time, at Hasselt has gained the opportunity and experience of seeing different social work practices and organizations closely. Professor Isikhan is a member of the National Cancer Advisory Board Ministry of Heatlh and Association of Social Workers.

Professor Isikhan won the 3rd prize in the contest named “The Role of Education in Increasing Labor Productivity” organized by the National Productivity Center (MPM) in 1997 and the 2nd prize in the contest named “Development of the Quality of Working Life” organized by MPM in 1998. Due to significant researches, practices and contributions made was awarded by the International Council of Stress Management Professionals (ICSMP) in November 2016.

Professor Isikhan undertook General Coordinating duties of the Family Social Support Services Programme (ASDEP) Co-ordinated by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and Hacettepe University (2012-April-December). Isikhan fulfilled his position of social work department chairman and vice Dean Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at 2011 and 2014.

Professor Isikhan has given conference about on subject stress management to some institutions like Ankara Police Department Traffic Control Officers (traffic police), doctor, nurses, health personnel and administrators working in various hospitals in Turkey, Provincial Director Assistants of Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK) and Child Center Deputy Directors, Hacettepe University staff, senior managers of Ministry of Family and Social Policy. He is married, and has three children. He knows excellent level English and middle level Arabic and French.

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